PSE Safety?

We provide an essential service - a knowledgeable interface between the manufacturer and the agency.  We evaluate, critique, modify, test and approve your product.  You sit back and enjoy the "piece of mind" that only an accredited, proven expert like PSE can bring to the table.


Product manufacturers would rather not have to deal with product safety compliance - but for most, the reality is that safety approval is necessary for sales.  Our firm was started with one goal in mind - agency compliance should be easy.  PSE can act as your firm's personalized regulatory compliance department, interfacing with the agencies on your behalf.  We will understand your goals, we are expert in the standards and we are respected by the agencies - for you the process becomes simple.  


The Marks of Choice

In the vast safety arena, a few key players stand out.  Though a manufacturer has many, many markings to choose from, only a few are recognized as leaders in the industry - "the marks of choice".  When PSE was established, we choose not to muddy the waters with a "new" marking, but to work with the existing agencies in making the most well known marks available to the masses, without the headaches and delays commonly associated with large agency projects.  Our accreditations are unique in that most of the testing we provide does not need to be witnessed by the agency that will eventually deliver the mark.  We handle the entire process, from pre-evaluation to agency approval.



From prototype to finished, approved product.


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