Accreditations and affiliations maintained by Product Safety Engineering, Inc. were put into place with years of dedication and specialization. PSE has positioned itself as a One Stop Shop for international compliance.  Though we have always been focused on growth and expansion to meet the changing needs of our clients, we have not lost our focus on client satisfaction and customer service.  PSE has become an industry leader by developing the key agency affiliations that will ultimately give the manufacturer a true choice of paths to compliance in any market.


American Association for Laboratory Accreditation,


Safety and EMC


Scope of Accreditation

Accreditation by a recognized, independent organization has become mandatory for regulatory compliance test labs, often driven by agency requirements.  PSE was among the first labs in the US to become fully accredited by A2LA for a broad scope of European immunity testing as well as meeting the ISO/IEC Guide 17025 requirements for emissions, safety and telecom testing.

Federal Communications Commission, FCC US and Canada, Emissions Unintentional Digital Devices,
Intentional Radiators,
Carrier Current Devices



FCC Authorization


The PSE Open Area Test Site complies with Section 2.948 of the FCC Rules and operates within the requirements of ANSI C63.4 for both site approval and digital device testing. 



IC Authorization


The PSE Open Area Test Site is registered for both intentional and unintentional radiators.  

National Institute of
Standards and Technology, NIST
Korea - EMC


KOREA MRA Designation

Designation by NIST as a US Conformity Assessment Body (CAB) for the EMC annex as described under the APEC Tel  Mutual Recognition Agreement.

TUV America
Authorized Partner
Full Service
Safety and EMC 


Certificate TUV-A



The PSE Safety lab is included in the "Partner Laboratory Program". Under this program PSE can provide customers who desire TUV America Test services and/or certification the complete package right here in the South East.

Voluntary Control
Council for Interference,
EMC for IT Equipment





VCCI Registration


The PSE Open Area Test Site is registered in accordance with the Regulations for Voluntary Control Measures for conducted and radiated emissions testing. 





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