Field Evaluation Services

Also known as:
Field Inspections, Field Labeling, On-Site Field Evaluations,
 and Safety Field Evaluations

Possible reasons your visiting our web site:

  • I've installed equipment that the local electrical inspector will not accept because it doesn't have the UL mark. (many inspectors will use "UL" to indicate that a NRTL mark is required)

  • I'm relocating equipment to a new location from an existing location and some of the equipment doesn't have an acceptable safety mark that will be accepted by the local electrical inspector.

  • I'm receiving new equipment form Europe (or any other country) that does not bear a listed NRTL Safety Mark for the US.

  • I have a special one of a kind piece of equipment that will require a safety mark before I can install it.

If you manufacture one-of-a-kind equipment, are relocating existing equipment to a new facility, or have purchased used equipment or equipment without proper certification, chances are you will need to comply with local electrical safety requirements.

Throughout the United States and Canada, many local jurisdictions will not allow unlisted / unlabeled equipment to be installed or used at manufacturing and commercial sites within their communities. In many cases, manufacturers utilizing equipment in conflict with local electrical laws may be fined and/or shut down by OSHA or may not be allowed to energize their equipment by the local electrical inspectors.

Field labeling applies to the following type of equipment:
Custom-built equipment for special applications.
- Equipment manufactured on a nonrepetitive basis.
- Equipment sold in limited quantities.
- Equipment not obtainable as "Certified" under a regular certification program.
- Equipment already installed and awaiting acceptance by the regulatory authorities.
- Complete systems or subassemblies.
- Field-evaluated equipment that has been relocated.
- Listed equipment that has been modified

Examples of commonly field-evaluated products are:

  • Industrial Control Panels (ICP)
  • Lighting and Custom Fixtures
  • Automated Manufacturing, Assembly and Packaging Equipment
  • Semiconductor Fabrication Equipment
  • Luminaries, Signs and Display Cabinets
  • Switchboards, Panelboards and Motor Control Centers
  • Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGVs), Intelligent Assist Devices (IADs) and Robots and Robotic Equipment
  • Heating and Cooling Equipment
  • Fire Doors and Frames
  • Commercial Cooking and Food Service Equipment
  • Distributed Generation Equipment
  PSE offers field labeling services to help manufacturers gain the appropriate certification / listing requirements to allow their products to meet electrical safety requirements and be accepted by local Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJ). Give us a call!!... we can provide the fast service required for manufacturers seeking:
  • Product Listing as per NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) Program (U.S.)
  • Product Certification as per SCC (Canada)
  • Field Evaluation of Unlisted Equipment (U.S. and Canada)

can assist you with fast response to inspection requests!     

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